1. SET YOUR MESSAGES: Decide who can message you using the setting gear at the top right. Restrict contact by age, gender, friends, and permissions. Block unwanted contacts. No creeps, no pests, only wanted contacts!

2. ADD A PICTURE: Adding a picture increases engagement by 500%. Don”t you want to see who your Shabbat guests/host are?

3. ADD A DESCRIPTION: Find the tab “about me” on your profile page. We want to get to know you!

4. CONTRIBUTE: Be a contributing member of Shabbat.com. Post interesting content in the “status update” at the top of the page. The more you engage, the more members will engage with you!

5. BE GENEROUS: Like, comment, and welcome member posts on the feed. After all, we are family and we are rooting for each other, right?

6. ACTIVELY INVITE: Don”t wait for a guest to request. Simply go to the search bar at the top of your page, find LOCAL GUESTS in your area, and shoot them a spontaneous invitation. Find new guests each week and enjoy Shabbat together