by Yehudah Koblick – CTO


The year of 2016 has been a game changer for A rebuild of the core features has facilitated a more streamlined, modern user experience and has yielded strong performance improvements. We’ve invested time upgrading on our code base’s infrastructure layer, enabling the website and app(s) to share a common middle tier. This under-the-hood initiative has paved the way for a faster roll out of new features.

All told, it has been a year of hard work and great results. The key take-away is that our user engagement has grown dramatically beyond expectations. This is a strong growth metric given the difficulty to stand up against a mature market of established social networks. In addition to a significant influx of new members, we have witnessed a material uptick in members actively posting, commenting, liking, inviting, hosting, dating and more. Members join and are engaged. Increased user engagement translates naturally to a substantial growth in our bottom line, which supports the stated mission: increasing global kindness.

2016 has been our best year yet, since the start of our website in 2009. The investments have been realized. Here are the numbers and points.

By The Numbers

  • 779,673 Profile Views
  • 295,180 Messages exchanges
  • 290,469 New Likes
  • 28,549 New Comments
  • 47,658 New Status Updates
  • 80,652 Invites
  • 50 Happily married couples!


  • Rewrite of the main activity feed, profile pages, invites and, messaging.
  • Added profile feed history, active member status and prioritization, feed algorithm for best content
  • Apps now with identical features and abilities as website.
  • Numerous privacy features and site restriction policies, member reporting, and objectionable content management.