Following the devastation Hurricane Harvey and Irma left behind, millions of Americans are trying to rebuild there lives after learning that they’ve lost everything.

The Jewish community has bound together so much over the past couple of weeks, and the outcomes have been nothing but inspiring. Thousands of dollars were raised by Jewish organizations, in order to aid those affected by Harvey. Hundreds of Israeli medics flew to America to loan a helping hand to those in need. The community of Atlanta, and so many other places took in hundreds of Jewish families seeking refuge from Hurricane Irma over Shabbat and beyond. The Jewish unity that has emerged amid these natural disasters, makes everyone pose the age old question “Mi K’Amcha Yisrael?” translated: “Who is like your nation, the Jewish people?” encourages its members to continue the kindness and take advantage of’s infrastructure to reach out to those in affected places. is the only Jewish website/app that allows singles and families to connect. It is also the only website that allows users, to find members based on their location. Because is primarily a Shabbat facilitating site, members designate themselves as hosts or gusts. This setting gives members some idea of individuals hosting capability. These are just some features, that can be utilized in order to assist the community in general, and especially times of need.

As the high holidays are approaching, it an exceptionally appropriate time to send out invitations. The team wishes all those affected by the Hurricanes a smooth and fast recovery, free of any obstacles. The team also wishes all it’s members a beautiful last Shabbat of the year. Warm wishes, shabbat shalom!