1. Shabbat.com is going live in multiple languages

Soon the entire Shabbat.com platform will be available in various languages! Shabbat.com’s CTO Yehudah Koblick is directing the wonderful initiative. In a few weeks, Shabbat.com’s complex technology will be able to understand the default language of member’s browser and adjust the site’s language accordingly.

2. Olami Travel App Collaboration | Connecting Israeli students and soldiers to Shabbat Meals

Serving in the Israeli Defense Forces is a noble undertaking. Being student in the most innovative country in the world also deserves tremendous recognition. Shabbat.com is happy to be able to give a little bit back to Israel’s millennials by providing a platform to soldiers and students to find Shabbat meal’s throughout Israel. The Olami and Shabbat.com collaboration seek to reach and provide the Israeli millennial demographic with Shabbat meals and community resources. If you’d like to take part in this initiative, keep an eye out for the collaboration launch which will be released shortly!

3. Jobs Network Expansion 

As the Jewish people are really one big family, the Shabbat.com team decided that Shabbat.com should make career networking a lot easy and more intimate within the Jewish community. Inspired by Linkedin and other cutting-edge career networking sites, Shabbat.com is currently building some of the most user-friendly features that will surely assist thousands in everyone’s favorite process, job hunting!

4. Personalizing the Feed 

Let’s get personal. As Shabbat.com grows by leaps and bounds, the community newsfeed is full of a vast range of content from members of all ages and throughout the world. In order to make the Shabbat.com experience more intimate, Shabbat.com will be customizing the newsfeed to each member individually. Some factors that contribute to the new algorithm include age and location. We look forward to seeing the relationships and connections that emerge from this upgrade!

5. Advertising Platform Launch

Hip hip hooray! If you’re a business owner catering to the Jewish demographic, your days of wasting money on ads that fail to reach your desired audience are over. Shabbat.com will soon be launching its advertising platform which will allow advertisers to implement and execute ads seamlessly. Think Facebook ad’s manager, but Shabbat.com style. Keep an eye out for the launch!