A few months ago Shifra Garelick signed up for Shabbat.com looking for a uplifting and inspiring Shabbat experience. Soon after she signed up Shabbat.com CEO and host Rabbi Benzion Klatzko reached out to Shifra, extending an invitation to join them over a beautiful Shabbat.
On Friday night Shifra sat down next to Elisha Klatzko and the chemistry was instantaneous. After Shabbat the families coordinated and the couple began going out. It wasnt long after until Elisha got down on one knee and asked Shifra to marry him and of course Shifra said yes!
The couple decided make their special day into an opporunity for other young singles to find love. They invited hundreds of singles and dozens of matchmakers to join their wedding.
Elisha and Shifra got married last Sunday. The wedding was beautiful, the singles turnout was incredible and the feedback was great. We cant wait to see how many shidduchim came from one Shabbat.com shidduch!
It says in Perkei Avot that “One Mizvah Leads to Another.” This cascade of mizvot the sages described is exactly what happened at the Klatzko Garelick wedding.
Many 0f the guests that came for the matchmaking initiative stayed for the meal and the hosts happily welcomed their company. The cater added on multiple tables accruing an extra costs of a few thousand dollars. The caterer told that Klatzko’s about the extra expenses, and that they would not have to pay for it due to the generosity of a guest who was enamored by the initiative and insisted to cover the extra charges.
May we only hear simchas!