Ester Rut and Tehilla are’s new trip liaisons, helping members get back to Israel on amazing programs! We are so excited to have them on board. They are absolutely great! Login to your account and reach out to them if your looking to go back to Israel on a program or adventure!

Here are their bios and links to their profiles:

Tehilla Friedland graduated Rutgers University in 2011. Since then, she’s been in Jewish education and non-profits, working for MMY, Baer Miriam, Olami, Neve, and most recently She is a lover of all things Jewish, a closet graphic designer, and a wife and mother of 3. She has twins, so she’s used to managing a quite a few things at once!

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Ester Rut White grew up in the South. She went to Israel for the first time when she was in college and instantly fell in love with the country. After completing her bachelor’s degree Ester attended Bar Ilan University for grad school. She then moved to Baltimore for a few years before making aliyah and moving to Jerusalem in 2013 where she met her husband! Ester is currently living in Jerusalem with her husband and cute little boy.

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Get booking! 🙂