This weeks new feature now allows you to keep in touch and contact every guest who has came to you for a meal on Shabbat. Simply by clicking on ‘This Shabbat Invites’ on your homepage, you can now either e-mail all confirmed, pending and invited guests at once or individually…and it gets better! – Added is a drop-down bar on the page allowing you access to all your previous guests categorized by that weeks Shabbat!

It’s never been easier to message all your guests for example to send them directions, information about your Shabbaton, any last minute cancellations and now with the previous guest function – you can contact a guest that you wanted to keep in touch with, or send them all a message asking if they’d left an object in your house and would they like to pick it up?

See the images below to find out how to use this simple and broad feature to expand your experience with the Jewish people: