Talia’s Shabbat Chanukah Singles Event

December 19, 2014 10:30PM – 12:30AM Single? Have family or friends looking for their “bashert”? Staying around the Upper West Side for Shabbat Chanukah? Talia’s will be throwing a special singles oneg Friday night after our usual prepaid Shabbat dinner. Entrance price is $33 plus tax (add 8.875% = 35.92), which must be prepaid. This… Read More …

Did you know Shabbat.com is also a match making site?

Shabbat.com averages nearly an engagement every week! Why pay for a dating site when Shabbat.com allows you to view the exact profiles that you are looking for and contact them. If you have a friend or relative who are actively looking for their soul mate, everyone on the website has the ability to be a matchmaker, matching up any two members and sending each one the others dating resume.


Latkes By Jamie Geller

Recipe Latkes (Potato Pancakes) Nothing like the way our bubbies made latkes in the old country! These latkes are not loaded with potato starch, flour, baking powder or other non-essential ingredients. My grandfather shared this recipe with me when I told him that I thought his were the crunchiest, lightest and most perfect potato latkes… Read More …

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An American phrase which originated during the 20th century is “The Pits”. This means the worst of all possible worlds. It is an expression of pain and turmoil, hitting the lowest point. Our Parsha focuses on two Pits which were life changing for Yosef. One was the pit in which the brothers threw Yosef into.… Read More …