What Every Person Wants By Rabbi Shmuel Gluck

Someone approached me yesterday, saying that they know me, because I recently helped friends of theirs find a school for one of their children. I thanked him because people don’t usually follow up to let me know what worked, or didn’t work, out. I had no idea that I had actually helped that person’s friend.… Read More …


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Shabbat.com encourages hosts in Israel to reach out to families affected by the fires. Thousands of members of Klal Yisroel have been displaced due to the damage caused by the fires. Extend your Mitzva in this time of need! Search for guests on Shabbat.com by selecting the category you wish to search through.. Example.. Haifa was one… Read More …


From The Shabbat.com Album Vol. 1 Starring: Pinny Schachter
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Composed By: Rabbi Benzion Klatzko


Kol Zmaan Shehaner Dolek Efshar L’Taken
Assur L’heetyaesh, M’Hashem Tivakesh


As long as your flame is lit, You can still be fixed
Refuse to Give up hope, Call out to God

(The flame represents the soul of life)

Pinny Schachter, Vocals, and Guitar.
Miriam Hershkop, Violin
Ezzy Gluck, Percussion

Arranged By: Hillel Kapnick (www.HillelKaps.com)
Performed by: Pinny Schachter
Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)
Engineered, Mixed, & Mastered By: Hillel Kapnick
Monsey, NY

Video Shot, produced and edited by Rabbi Klatzko on his phone :).


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Video by: http://www.Shabbat.com

Featuring Shlomo Katz

Album: Shalsheles Connections

Composed by: Yitzchok Rosenthal

Mixed by: Nochi Krohn

Produced by:
C. D. Eichler
CDE Productions

Video by: http://www.Shabbat.com

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Havdalah filmed at the Klatzko home in Monsey NY