Oorahs Guide to Sukkot!

I. The When and Why of Sukkos To someone who is not familiar with Jewish tradition, a ride through an observant Jewish neighborhood this time of year would be a source of bewilderment. Why are all these otherwise sane people putting up little huts (sukkahs) in their yards?Why are they finishing the huts off with roofs made… Read More …


Learn to Love from the LULOV!

Learn to Love from the LULOV! I merited a unique peak behind the scenes a few years back that helped to concretize an old idea that I had been carrying around for some time. It was one of those rare snowy winters in Jerusalem. A remarkable eighteen inches fell in one day, and the most… Read More …

The Klatzko family was featured in the upcoming film “Sacred” ( Filmed right before the holiday of Sukkot, the movie documents the lessons and the building of the Klatzko family Sukkah. The movie will premier worldwide in 2015, in the United States on WLIW. Join the world’s largest Jewish community.