Videos of the Splitting of the Sea

It is sometimes difficult to visualize the different stories in Jewish history as related in the Torah. Therefore, Shabbat.com has compiled the best clips reenacting the splitting of the sea. Enjoy!


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Shabbat.com announces the mensch of the year contest for guests and hosts.

The Shabbat.com website, which is billed as the world’s largest social network for Jews, along with a group called the “Be a Mensch Foundation”, is on a mission to find the “Mensch of the Year” and pay that individual $1,000.
Shabbat.com works with is the Be a Mensch Foundation International Mensch competition. Shabbat.com users are invited to submit stories about Sabbath hosts or guests who acted as “mensches” by going out of their way to help out, being responsible for acts of kindness large or small, etc. Two winners – a host and a guest – will receive a $1,000 prize.

The Be a Mensch Foundation, which aims to promote better social behavior among Israelis, was established in 2011 by Moshe Kaplan. Its advisory board includes three Nobel prizewinners — Professor Dan Shechtman, Professor Aaron Ciechanover and Professor Robert Aumann — as well as former US senator Joe Lieberman, Tova Ben Dov, acting president of World WIZO, former basketball player Tal Brody, and others.

Names of the winners will remain anonymous unless permission given by the winners!

Send a message to the profile below to nominate the Mensch of the year!




Mushroom Fried Rice By Tamar Genger

Recipe Mushroom Fried Rice I love to make this with leftover brown rice that has been sitting in the fridge. Times Prep Time : 5 min Cook Time : 10 min Ready Time : 15 min Servings 4 Ingredients 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 onion, chopped finely 1 Clove garlic, minced 1 package mushrooms of… Read More …